AutoCAD Intermediate

This course is for those who wish to get more productive with AutoCAD and learn the more advanced features. Candidates should have a good knowledge of 2D AutoCAD Essentials.

The syllabus includes Multilines, Donuts, Construction Geometry, Revision Clouds, Wipeouts, Boundaries, Regions, Quick Select, Purge, Explode, Divide, Measure, Geometry Calculator, Centre Marks, Ordinate Dimensions, Geometric Dimensions & Tolerances, Dimension Styles & Overrides, DesignCenter, Creating Custom Tool Palettes, Managing & Sharing Tool Palettes, External References, Blocks, Attributes, Edit & Extract Attributes, Dynamic Blocks, Layer Properties Manager, Layer Filters, Layer States Manager, Layer Standards, Creating Layouts, Modifying Layouts, Using Page Setups, Creating Layout Viewports, Working with Layout Viewports, Controlling Object Visibility in Layout Viewports, Dimensioning in Layouts, Plotter Configuration Files, Plot Style Tables, Publishing Drawings, Transmitting & Archiving Sets, Template Drawing Creation, Additional Features. The course has a practical approach and projects are completed throughout.