AutoCAD Essentials

Pulpit rock
This course is for those who wish to learn 2D AutoCAD. No previous knowledge is necessary although it is assumed candidates will be familiar with elementary drawing terms and conventions as well as very simple geometrical constructions. The syllabus includes Opening & Exiting AutoCAD, Introduction to screen, Menu's, Dialogue Boxes, Command Prompt, Data Entry: Absolute and Relative, Polar & Cartesian Co-ordinates, Drawing Commands - Line, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Rectangle, polygon, point, donut etc, Linetypes and Colour, Object Snap(single & running), Starting a New Drawing, Saving the Current Drawing, Hatch Command, Single line & Multi line text, Object Selection, Using Modify Commands(Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale, Offset, Trim, Extend etc), Zoom and Panning Commands, Drawing Limits and Realsize drawing, Units, Cut, Copy, Paste, Creating and using Layers, Dimensioning Command, GRIPS, Creating and inserting blocks, Plotting from model & paper space, Enquiry commands, ntroduction to Attributes, Viewports, Paperspace, Setting up layouts, design center. The course has a practical approach and projects are completed throughout.